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4 Week Mindfulness Class

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New 4 Week Mindfulness Class

Classes begin February 27th!

4 Week Mindfulness Class

Cenell completed the 2 year mindfulness meditation certification program with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield and wants to share mindfulness with the community.

Mindfulness is a mind and body practice which helps reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Learn how to create balance, reduce stress, and boost your productivity with mindfulness practices.

Join Us for the Next Class!
4-week Mindfulness Meditation Course – Begins Feb 27th
3 hours @ $32.00

Join us for this new online 4-week mindfulness meditation course for beginners and the advanced. Each week will discuss a different topic, such as:
What is Mindfulness Meditation, and How to Practice it?
The benefits of mindfulness (like stress reduction and creating balance in life).
How to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.
How mindfulness can help with difficult thoughts and emotions.
Join us for this course to learn more and rejuvenate your mindfulness practice.

Fit As A Fiddle Plus

Learn more about mindfulness -what it is and how it helps the mind and body. This podcast interviewer (Kathy Binner) takes a deep dive into mindfulness and other health and wellness topics.

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